The first body of work about Brazil titled, Conectado, was created in collaboration with artist May Wilson and in conjunction with the annual Viva Brasil dance party held at the Creative Alliance in celebration of Carnival. Conectado invites viewers to create a new visual identity of Rio by exploring the streets and interacting with the urban landscape. This kind of exploration is essential to the making of this work and these experiences are recreated for the viewer. Material choices reflect metaphors, connect deeper meaning and connect viewers to Brazil.

Upon entering the gallery space the viewer is confronted with "Abundance," a massive, cylindrical piece stacked floor to ceiling. Constructed of pallets and tree trunks, this serves as the armature for a chaotic web of telephone wires that extend across the ceiling space, enveloping the structure of the ceiling. "Rua Differente" is a projection of Google Maps that walk viewers through famous streets around the city. "Vending" a series of sculptures hanging from hooks on different racks inspired by the transient vendors that board public transit between stops throughout the city.