4500 Fait Ave. Baltimore

In 2008, I create a body of work that researched and analyzed the industrial history of Baltimore. It began by investigating the space within an abandoned building in the city and its history. This became a series of works, entitled 4500 Fait Ave. A discovery of a huge source of newsprint in the building resulted in my desire to address the issues of recycling, waste and the history of the material. Through my interaction with this newsprint I became deeply involved in understanding the history of the empty space that, at the time, was only occupied by wasted materials. I began researching where each material could have possibly come from by studying the use of space since it’s initial existence. The building was created in the 1940s and used for various functions such as a railroad station, trucking facility, and international storage business. My involvement with this building strengthened my knowledge of the community the building resided in which is known as Greektown. It broaden my understanding of the industrial history in Baltimore specifically that of steel production as a livelihood and way of life effecting the formation of communities in the city.

After discovering that the building was in the process of being demolished and redeveloped I felt it was my responsibility to utilize the materials left in the abandoned space. I gathered and transported some of these discarded materials for use in installations and relief sculptures. In addition I created a website called 4500 Fait Ave (http://4500faitave.blogspot.com) that documented the research I have gathered through this investigation. My hope in creating this website is to allow members of the community to further discuss the redevelopment of the area that is underway and the destruction of historical buildings in the city.